Aysem Senyurekli


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
—Viktor Frankl, Austrian psychiatrist (1905-1997)


Aysem’s Perspective

Most of us carry around more than our share of worry or anxiety. We worry about our romantic lives, our kids, and our parents. We worry about our work, our finances, and our health. Unchecked and unexamined, our worries can drain our energy and keep us from realizing our goals.

This is where counseling can help. If you have reached a place where the stress is too high, and you are ready to do something different to adapt and thrive, I’d be happy to meet with you.

As a therapist, much of my work focuses on helping clients:

  • Achieve personal balance and fulfillment through mindfulness
  • Develop satisfying emotional connections with others
  • Build healthy communication and assertiveness skills
  • Attend to changes in sexual desire
  • Re-invent a relationship after an affair

I offer a 5-session pre-marital counseling series for couples who are preparing for a commitment, and enjoy working with immigrants and inter-cultural couples. 

For more information about my training and activities, please see my resume.

Scheduling an Appointment

I offer daytime appointments on Tuesday-Saturday, and late afternoon to early evening appointments on Thursday and Friday. Please feel free to contact me directly at (952) 806-0017 or aysem@rekindlethespark.com. Please note that all e-mail communications from me will be encrypted using Virtru.

Aysem’s fees.

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