Couple Counseling for Two

“Close relationships, more than money or fame, are what keep people happy throughout their lives.” —The Harvard Study of Adult Development, 2017

At Rekindle Counseling all of our counselors begin with a good foundation in working with couples.  It is the majority of what we do here, and we aim to stay up to date on methods that work for couples.  All of our counselors receive the Gottman Level One training before they begin—and that is just the start.  We regularly consult with each other so that we are able to give the best, most focused support we can give each couple.  We have several aims in working with you:

  • Keeping it fair and balanced
  • Setting clear goals and working toward them
  • Discussing things you can do between session
  • Focusing on strengths as well as challenges
  • Staying in a tolerable zone–we don’t want you to come here and feel overwhelmed and out of control
  • Giving you clear ideas, feedback, and practices
  • Sharing what the research shows about couples
  • Giving each of you space to explore and share your experience
  • Making space for exploring important emotions
  • Expecting that each of you will have wants, needs, and desires

We’d love to hear from you, and offer a free 30-minute consultation to answer your questions.

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