Premarital Counseling

Planning Your Wedding?

Since you’re here you must be planning for your marriage as well! (Good for you, you want your marriage to last!). Premarital counseling is offered to individual couples. If you know other couples who are preparing for marriage Rekindle Counseling can arrange a group specifically for you.

Premarital counseling helps you:

  • Learn more about each other and capitalize on your strengths
  • Get some strategies to handle difficult issues
  • Learn about couple research–and what you need to do to be happier
  • Find out what types of concerns can be addressed effectively
  • Learn which issues will require a sense of humor and some adjustment
  • Learn some of the basic skills that happy couples have in common
  • Get some realistic feedback about marriage

Many couples find it useful to complete a premarital inventory as part of their premarital counseling. An inventory can give an overview of how each of you perceives your relationship at the moment.

Premarital inventories can quickly:

  • Identify what you do well
  • Zero in on what is hard
  • Highlight areas that you have not yet discussed
  • Provide a format for discussion and practice in skill areas

At Rekindle Counseling we use the Prepare and Mate Inventories. You can learn more about these marriage preparation inventories at Life Innovations. (You will pay Life Innovations online before you take the Inventory—about $40—which will cover them scoring the inventory and sending it to us.) You may choose to explore the Prepare Inventory for as few as two session or continue for more sessions to strengthen particular areas of your relationship before your wedding. Counseling fees depend on the number of sessions you choose.

(Note: At the moment only Jennifer Stoos and Holly Birkeland can provide premarital counseling that satisfies the requirements of Hennepin County the State of Minnesota for a reduction in the marriage license fee. Hennepin County requires twelve hours of premarital counseling and the use of a premarital inventory like Prepare.)

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